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Jobs at ShowreelPlayer

Mathias from ShowreelPlayer asked me to pass on the news that they are looking for experienced iPhone developers. If you’re interested, please send your CV to mathias.julin@showreelplayer.com.

Dev Campers Release Report on iPhone for Business

Dev Camp alums Katie Lips and Paul Stringer asked me to pass along that they have released a report on the iPhone in the corporate world called The Amazing iPhone. It gives an overview of the platform and details the making of their Coffee Buzz app.

Announcing Mobile Dev Camp!

After lots of behind-the-scenes work, I’m proud to announce Mobile Dev Camp! Mobile Dev Camp is a two day event devoted to developing mobile applications for the iPhone, Android and Symbian platforms. The first day consists workshops, while the second day is devoted to building applications in the Hackathon. There will be prizes for the best applications at the end. Everything you need to know about the Dev Camp on November 29 and 30 can be found at www.mobiledevcamp.nl.

Apple iPhone Tech Talks

Apple has just announced a worldwide series of iPhone Tech Talks and the Amsterdam one is on November 3. You can sign up now. Hope to see you there!

iPhone Jobs

Are you an iPhone developer and looking for a project or two? If so, make sure you check out the job page. Also, I get many emails from people looking to hire iPhone developers, so if you email me I can pass on your name.

First Meetup A Success

Thank you for Travis for organizing a great meetup. We had about 20 people there and it was great to hear about what people have been doing with the iPhone since the Dev Camp. I think Travos will be organizing drinks once a month, so stay tuned!

Meetup on September 17

Travis Choma wanted to continue the great discussions started at the Dev Camp so he’s taken the initiative to organize a meetup September 17 at 20:00 at De Balie. Come on by to chat with your fellow Dev Campers!

Note the changed date!

What A Great Day!

iPhone Dev Camp

By Marco Wessel

Hi everyone, thanks for coming out on Saturday and making the iPhone Dev Camp a success! And a special thank you to the Mediamatic team, who ensured that everything we needed was at our fingertips, including a yummy lunch.

And course, there was lots of evidence across the internet about the day (feel free to mention your own sites in the comments). Some examples include:

Arjan and Robin provide the whole story of how they they made their prize-winning mouse app.

There are lots of photos on Flickr.

Miriam van t Veer from Bright.tv made a video of the day:

LFD (Looking for Developer)

What a time to be an iPhone developer! Not only do you have an awesome Dev Camp on Saturday, but there will also be people there who want to hire you! Check out the jobs page for the names of your new best friends on Saturday.

Thanks, iPhoneCentre

iPhoneCentre, our newest sponsor, is giving away some great iPhone accessories to the winners of the Hackathon!