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CWR Mobility is looking for an iPhone developer to port their Windows Mobile client for Microsoft Dynamics CRM to the iPhone. Please contact Jeffry van de Vuurst if interested.

Anita Fontaine has two art projects using touch and the accelerometer that she needs an iPhone developer for.

If you want to help build an LBS (location-based services) app and have a strong database background, talk to Simon Brester and Arend Oyevaar.

Theo van Hoesel has 4 apps he needs developers for!

MobyPicture is looking for developers. Talk to Mathijs van Abbe.

Patrick de Laive tells me Meganova needs developers for several projects.

Nulaz needs a developer to port their product to the iPhone. Talk to Michiel Munneke.

ShowreelPlayer are looking for experienced iPhone developers. Please send your CV to mathias.julin@showreelplayer.com.