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We’re Full!

We have 121 people signed up and I’m afraid that’s probably already more than the space can easily manage! Therefore, I’ve closed the signups again and will not be opening them again. If you said you’re coming but no longer can come, please change your status on Upcoming so we have an accurate count of many people are coming. There’s been such an enthusiastic response that we’ll try to have another Dev Camp soon!

You Have Questions, I Have Answers

When and where is the Dev Camp taking place?

The Dev Camp is in the ground floor exhibition space in the Duintjer CS building, at Vijzelstraat 68, 1017 HL Amsterdam. It will start at 10:00 on August 30 and end at 18:00 (or later!) the same day.

What is the format of the Dev Camp?

The Dev Camp is for you, so it’s however you want it to proceed. However, I anticipate having some presentations and discussions on iPhone development in the morning. After lunch we will break off into groups and work on individual apps. Around 17:00 we will meet again and present the apps we built in the Hackathon Contest. There will be prizes!

I’m not from Amsterdam; is there some place I can stay?

Please contact me. At the least, Mediamatic has offered to open their office for dev campers to sleep in overnight. Bring a sleeping bag!

Do I need an iPhone to participate? What about a Mac?

An iPhone isn’t necessary but you’ll be able to test apps other dev campers develop a lot easier with one! A Mac is more necessary, as the iPhone SDK only runs on Xcode on Mac OS X. We will have tables set up with plenty of power outlets, so if you only have an iMac or other desktop, you can still bring it and set it up. If you can’t borrow a Mac from a friend, you could try a rental service. I’m afraid I don’t have any machines to lend.

I haven’t programmed iPhone apps before. Should I come?

Everyone is welcome. If you have some programming experience, you should find it easy enough to pick up Objective-C and the iPhone SDK (it took me a few hours). However, because the day is focused on developing real apps for the iPhone, you probably won’t get as much out it if you have no programming experience. Of course, enthusiastic designers and testers are always welcome. And if you find that all this geek talk gets too boring, there’s always the iPhone sock knitting workshop!

What about the NDA?

As you may have heard, Apple has instituted a relatively strict NDA for the iPhone which among other things limits public discussion of iPhone internals. It is my understanding that we will be ok if we all agree to the iPhone NDA by coming a member of the iPhone Developer Program. If you’re a lawyer or otherwise know more about this, feel free to contact me.

How can I prepare?

If you have an iPhone, make sure it is upgraded to at least version 2.0. If you have a jailbroken iPhone, you will probably find it very useful to have OpenSSH installed on it. Sign up for the iPhone Developer Program and download Xcode and the iPhone SDK (Xcode is included in the 2+ GB SDK download). Go through the iPhone developer site and learn about Objective-C and creating an iPhone app. There are several tutorials out there. Once you’ve done detailed iPhone 101 tutorial, you might want to try making an RSS reader.

I’m looking to hire iPhone developers. How can reach them?

Coming to the Dev Camp and buying dev campers a few beers is always a great way! If you email me your name and a brief description of the project, I can also post it here.

We Have Sponsors!

Thank you to Mediamatic and Adobe NL. For more information, or if you would like to sponsor part of the Dev Camp, check out the sponsors page.


What use is an iPhone with the hottest apps if you don’t have a cozy sock to keep it in? In the spirit of combining the iPhone Dev Camp and the Mediamatic ikikik! exhibition taking place in the same building, Sylvia Korving of Apple Knits will be teaching would-be iPhone knitters how to create a stylish and protective iPhone sock. No experience necessary! The cost is €15 for all materials. Please sign up on the Mediamatic site.

Location-Based Dev Camp

Our Dev Camp now has a location! Mediamatic is our host for the day at their new exhibition space in the Duintjer CS building. The address is Vijzelstraat 68, 1017 HL Amsterdam.

The new, larger location means that we have space for more people. If you want to come, the signup has been reopened on Upcoming.

iPhones in Amsterdam!

Welcome to the website of the first iPhone Dev Camp in Amsterdam, which will be taking place on August 30, 2008. For those that are new to the Dev Camp concept, it’s basically a BarCamp-style unconference where developers can get together and master the iPhone platform. Because many of us are new to developing for the iPhone, we’re looking to have some experienced mobile developers and a few hardened Cocoa masters train us.

There’s been such an enthusiastic reaction on Upcoming that we’ve had to cap the number of participants, but we’re looking for sponsors and a new venue, so we hope to be able to reopen the signup within a few days. Please check this site often, as we will be updating it soon with details about the location, time and so on.